Weekly Moon Messages

Weekly Moon Messages for February 19-25, 2018 by Diana Black

Moonday (Moon)

Moon in Aries


Everyone will be in a big rush today and willing to push others around to get to the front of the line in all that they do. Sit back, stay home if possible, and plan what you are going to do when everyone else is done


Tuesday (Mars)

Moon in Taurus (2:12pm)


Make sure that you take your time in everything that you do during your daily routine today. You will be pleased that all of your loose ends are tied up, and the awareness that how the everyday things can bring so much pleasure will expand your consciousness


Wednesday (Mercury)

Moon in Taurus


Don’t try to argue, or even relate to someone who has their head stuck in their own ego space. Stubborn folks will see what they want to see so see the truth and leave then where they are standing


Thursday (Jupiter)

Moon in Gemini (7:07pm)


Some of the branches on your family tree may be rotten and ready to fall off. You can’t really do anything about this, you can only be responsible for those that are too young or too mature to do for themselves

Friday (Venus)Moon in Gemini


Watch how the people in you life scramble to tell each others’ secrets today. It will be interesting and eye opening to watch. You will now have the knowledge of whom you can truly trust with your own personal business


Saturday (Saturn)

Moon in Cancer (10:06pm)


You may feel a little emotional and moody today even if that isn’t your usual thing, but everyone has blue days so go ahead and indulge as long as you get through what has to be done


Sunday (Sun)

Moon in Cancer


Instead of waiting for a family member to reach out go ahead and dial that number. If you are expecting that they think of you first it shows that you feel they owe you. Don’t let a nosy neighbor ruin your day- ignore them and just do what you are doing just be a little more quiet about it