Daily Mooncast

May 2, 2018


Today’s Transits

Moon in Sagittarius

Moon opposite Venus 5:20am

Moon trine Mercury 5:59pm

Moon square Neptune 6:10 pm

May 2 Birthdays

Dwayne Johnson, Davis Beckham Englebert Humperdinck, Bianca Jagger, Lou Gramm, Donatella Versace, Princess Charlotte

Important Days in History

1927– U.S. Supreme Court upheld¬†Buck v. Bell,¬† allowing the forced sterilization of people to promote the “health of the patient and the welfare of society.”

1994- Nelson Mandela won the first democratic election in South Africa


There will be a lot of information going back and forth today, but you must take it with a grain of salt. the excitement in the air can cause folks to exaggerate the facts. It may be difficult to get along with others early this morning as the Moon opposition to Venus creates tension. Save any important social interactions for later in the day.